Delaware Speedway

Delaware, Ontario

Delaware Speedway Aerial View

Delaware Speedway Track Facts:

Delaware Speedway opened back in 1952 as a 1/4 mile dirt track called “Brodie’s” Delaware Raceway. The track remained dirt for the first eight seasons giving the local race fans quite a thrill with the likes of Harvey Lennox, Jimmy Wilson, Jack Sharpe and many more early drivers coming to race each week.

Delaware Speedway, still a 1/4 mile track, was paved for the 1960 season and it remained a 1/4 mile oval until 1969. Jack Greedy promoted Delaware Speedway back in 1968 and the track stayed a 1/4 mile oval until mid-way through the 1969 season. Delaware Speedway cancelled one weeks racing to extend the track to it’s current 1/2 mile paved oval. Jack Greedy was not one to sit by and watch, he was at the track daily during it’s expansion.

There was a lot of work to do and not much time to do it with only cancelling one weeks events. I can remember being at Jack & Doreen’s place and Jack telling us that the company paving the track was still on the track rolling the new asphalt four hours before race time. Jack told them to load there equipment that they were in the way and four hours later, they were racing.

Delaware Speedway has been & always will be one of my favorite tracks to watch a race. There is not a bad seat in the house & if you happen to be up on the hill it is even better. Delaware Speedway has survived over the years and today is one of the oldest running tracks in the country. 2018 will start it’s 67th consecutive year of operation.

Article by Rick Sharples