Paved Ovals

There are several paved ovals in the Province of Ontario still in operation along with many others that have come and gone over the years. It is no secret that suburbs, shopping malls, and parking lots, as well as financial strain (in some tracks cases) have taken their toll on our great Ontario racing history.

We here at Yesterday’s Speedways are doing what we can to preserve our great asphalt oval track racing history in the province.

Yesterday’s Speedways was formed back in 2012. With our collections, friends collections, and the collections that are donated by race fans this website will be updated regularly.

If you have any photos or articles you would like to share on the Yesterday’s Speedways website, please feel free to contact Yesterday’s Speedways.

Warren Coniam #46 from King City, Ontario with the Rutledge Rocket at Flamboro Speedway. Courtesy of Glen Tustin
Warren Coniam and The Rutledge Rocket 1967


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