Don Biederman in a Can Am Midget – photos don’t lie, or do they

277556124_10159421513015549_547854956627332135_n - Don Biederman in a Can Am Midget - Courtesy of Ken Graham - Reader's Column

April 1st 1983.. Dave Franks took this picture at the shop a few months before my first race in #7 and sent it (with the caption below it) to Wheelspin News. However, Wheelspin cut off the top part of the picture which showed a tool box with “Don Biederman Racing” across the top !

Don was a very talented and aggressive Stock Car driver, and the thoughts of his being in a TQ, caused quite a stir around the Can-Am group !

Several weeks later Can-Am had their first meeting of that year in Buffalo. Don decided he’d carry this gag a little further, so he came with me to the meeting in Buffalo. Well, you’d want to have seen the jaws drop when Don made an appearance at the meeting room.

He never said “yeah or neigh” about his driving the #7………“PRICELESS”

Courtesy of Ken Graham