Coca Cola Racing Team

Delaware Speedway


The Coca Cola Racing Team was formed in 1976. This new Team had Earl Ross in his familiar #52 and Norm Lelliott in the #57 as they have been racing these numbers for several years.

Several members of this newly formed team have been together for the last couple of years as they were part of the recently disbanded Carling Racing Team.

Scan-274 - Earl Ross #52 Coca Cola sponsored Car
Scan-233 - Norm Lelliott's Coca Cola sponsored car
Scan-234 - Norm Lelliott
Scan-217 - Earl and Norm
Scan-210 - Earl Ross
Scan-222 - Norm Lelliott
Scan-211 - Earl Ross
Scan-223 - Norm Lelliott
Scan-212 - Earl Ross
Scan-220 - Norm Lelliott
Scan-214 - Earl Ross
Scan-221 - Norm Lelliott
Scan-215 - Earl Ross
Scan-258 - Norm Lelliott
Scan-218 - Earl Ross
Scan-225 - Norm Lelliott
Scan-219 - Earl Ross
Courtesy of the Lelliott Family