Castrol Fields New Late Model Team

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Howie Scannell standing with the 1972 Plymouth Satelite he will drive for Bernie Reddick in 1972. Courtesy of Brian Norton
Castrol Sponsored Howie Scannell in Bernie Reddicks Plymouth Satelite, 1972.

Castrol got its feet wet last year in stock car racing. The circle sport suddenly came of age with well built late model cars, big money races, and full house capacity crowds. Castrol Oils (Canada) Limited saw the action and marketing opportunities with these new people at a truly North American sport and sponsored a hard charging car in their red, white and green colours.

But it’s really only just the beginning for the high banked oval boys. Already in 1972 several big time companies have offered sponsorships to drivers and track owners. Points funds, purses, and recognition are all higher and we can expect to see a “star system” of noted drivers emerge and become almost household names, at least in Ontario.

At the Toronto Speed Sport Show, January 28th to 30th, 1972, Castrol unveiled their well kept secret, the sponsorship of one of the best known and respected drivers in Canada, Mr. Howie Scannell, in a two car team of 1972 Castrol Plymouths.

Howie looks even younger now than what he did when he started pushing stock cars at the C.N.E. about a decade ago. Yes, he’s been around for a while, and at the top, and in the money all the time. Now he has the right combination to become a Superstar in his sport.

Bernie Reddick owns the team and acts as team manager and co-ordinator. He is so keen to upgrade the image of stock car racing, that he’s prepared a new 1972 Plymouth for Howie to drive and will have an identical back up car by April. He has guaranteed that they will field a sharp looking, clean car every week.

The car on display at Speed Sport had been constructed with quick and easy body panel removal in mind at all times and featured superb workmanship not usually found in stock cars. Painted a basic Castrol white, it featured an aggressive modern paint scheme in the Castrol red and green, accented to enhance the sweeping but tough lines of the new 1972 shape.

The team has four 426 cu. in. Hemi engines so should never be without fresh power, even when racing 3 or four times a week. You might say they are going professional at it, and itlooks it! Castrol is very pleased with the project so far.

Howie Scannell won the Championship last season at Flamboro Speedway and was winning the ‘Maple Leaf 250’ (Canada’s largest, longest,and richest stock car race) by an easy margin when he passed out from heat prostration during a pit stop. In August, he set the second fast time at the Quebec City International and finished third. His list of achievements runs ten years long, but we believe the big ones are yet to come.

Castrol’s involvement in stock car racing has brought about the first “All Canadian Late Model Super Stock” racing film which was premiered at Speed Sport, in full sound and colour, the half hour movie shows the action during the Maple Leaf 250 at Cayuga Speedway. It turned out to be just about the best ever stock car racing film.

Photo courtesy of Brian Norton
Article courtesy of Wheelspin News 1972